Cosmetic Dentistry

Health and Beauty Go Hand-in-Hand

Smiles really do make the world go round. They help us connect with each other so vitally that they are one of the first ways babies communicate their pleasure and love. Unfortunately, some people are ashamed of their teeth, covering their mouths, avoiding social situations and sometimes never smiling at all.

Here at Danvers Family Dentistry we believe that cosmetic dentistry isn't just about looking fabulous. It is about feeling good too. There isn't anything more gratifying than seeing our patients light up over the transformation of their smiles. Not only smiles are transformed, but lives. Many patients find that they are more confident, open and outgoing when they no longer feel that they have to hide their smiles.

We offer everything from prescription-strength whitening, to the magic of smile makeovers with porcelain veneers, Invisalign® invisible braces and cosmetic implant restoration. Of course every cosmetic service is done with an eye on balanced health and well-being.

Porcelain Veneers

Premier Elegance

Strong and beautiful, porcelain veneers can correct all kinds of cosmetic and structural issues from cracking, chipping and wearing to discoloration and crookedness. They are surprisingly simple and versatile and when bonded to the teeth, their resemblance to healthy, white tooth enamel is unsurpassed.

Full-Mouth Restoration

Total Smile Renewal

Full-mouth restoration is needed when the teeth are worn down, broken or missing, causing problems in both the bite and appearance of the mouth. This process is so successful that others cannot distinguish the real teeth from the restored teeth and we think you will be surprised by how quick and easy the process is.

Composite Bonding

Artful Perfection

Bonding is a method of restoring decayed teeth, making cosmetic improvements to change the color of teeth or reshaping teeth with a composite resin, for an attractive, natural-looking result.

Tooth Recontouring

Improve Your Appearance

Recontouring is an artful and conservative treatment. Using contouring we can quickly and painlessly improve your appearance and create a more harmonious smile by reshaping chipped or misaligned tooth edges.

Smile Whitening

Get Dazzling!

To get your smile much whiter than over-the-counter whitening with safer and more predictable outcome, we offer Sapphire at-home whitening. You'll be dazzled by the results.


Straight to Perfection

If you have always wanted a straighter smile but don't want the look of traditional braces, Invisalign® invisible straightening might just be the alternative you have been looking for. You can even remove your aligners to brush, floss or for a special occasion.

Talk to us about your cosmetic options and start smiling again today!